Food has been something always dear to man. And that’s why the food industry today is so close to them. There comes some companies like Dunkin’ Donuts that believe in working hard to improve through hearing back from customers through Telldunkin customer surveys or reviews.

What is Telldunkin Survey?

As the name suggests, Dunkin’s proves that it runs on you. Addressed by you are Dunkin’ customers. This is a TellDunkin customer experience survey from Dunkin’ Donuts.

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It is not wrong to say that the Telldunkin survey contributes load to the company’s success. The Tell Dunkin survey is always the key to the betterment of an organization until the brand understands its importance.

While it’s been the very history of marketing that big names have big efforts for user satisfaction. So, a separate Telldunkin Survey website is designed for the customers of Dunkins to share their past experience and review the service on different grounds of quality, quantity, prices, environment, staff behavior, etc.

Kindly note that it’s your feedback which can be positive or negative, which will give the brand a chance to improve. It’s all about honest opinions. When you’ll submit all your answers you can get a discount, free vouchers, or even free dishes on your upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts visit. Yes, just by participating in a simple Telldunkin survey you can make good benefits and free vouchersSo, hurry now.

About Survey




TellDunkin is the official survey portal if you are looking for participating in the DunkinRunsOnYou survey. You’ll have to first purchase Dunkins so that you can have an invitation receipt for the survey.

1. Talking about the TellDunkin portal, it is crafted for users to share and express their opinion and experience from Dunkins. Your past experience from there will make them analyze where they are lagging behind, where to work and what new to come with.

2. The website for you to visit and participate is simply

3. The most pleasing thing right here is they’re providing free coupons, gift cards, and free donuts and coffee for appreciating the users to participate.

4. The aim of the company behind spending much of their money on the Dunkin’ Donuts survey is to collect feedback and calculate them. And better if it’s in a good number.

5. As a good number will have more and more reviews for them to understand it and make new changes.

6. The rewards to every participant can even cause great satisfaction. As the Telldunkin Survey itself signifies the company’s hearing back to their customers, that even makes the company image better.

7. Now, let’s get on the set of questions the Telldnkin Customer Survey includes. So, you should be known that this is one of the easiest Food surveys out here.

The questions are even so simple based on your last visit which will include food quality and quantity, environment, staff attitude, recommendations and suggestions given to you, cleanliness, and lastly how many times you visited.

Full Details of The Telldunkin Survey


tell dunkin donuts guest survey



1. Details of the TellDunkin’ Survey must firstly include the introduction of the company, although most of you are known already.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts is a US-based company. It is mainly situated in Massachusetts.

3. Turned into MNC now, it is famous for its wide range and variety of donutsice-creams, coffee, and much more.

4. If you wish to participate in the Telldunkin survey, keep in mind to go through the requirements, rules and then you can look at the step for completing the Telldunkin Customer Survey.

5. Afterward, you can even look at the rewards that you are assured to get.

Telldunkin Survey Steps

If you’re here, you should have thought of participating in it. This is a simple Telldunkin customer survey and the steps to complete it are given below. Make sure to follow the steps accordingly to ensure proper participation.

Before starting, you should be known that participation in the Telldunkin survey is by two methods, namely online and post(offline). Also, the online method has two ways.

Telldunkin Survey Online Participation 

If you have the Telldunkin invitation receipt with your unique code, then you can follow the steps given below. And if not, a separate method is also described just below this one:

Step 1. In the first step, before applying online for the Telldunkin Customer survey you must have purchased anything from your nearby Dunkin store to get an invitation to the Dunkin survey including your unique code.


Step 2. Kindly keep the receipt and code handy for further use in the Telldunkin survey. As the easiest way to participate in this customer survey is by entering the invitation code online simply.



Step 3. Thirdly, you will have to ensure a device with a working Internet connection to assure your online participation.

Step 4. Visit the official survey portal to participate, which is given below, and then click on submit button.(


Step 5. In the opened interface, you will be asked to choose a language in which you want to proceed with the Telldunkin Customer Survey, either English or Spanish.

Step 6. Now, navigate to your receipt and find out the invitation code on your latest receipt to be entered here. Note that the code must be of 18 digits so recheck it.

Step 7. After hitting the “Start button”, an interface with the queue of questions will appear on your desktop screen.

Step 8. Sit back and relax. This isn’t any test but just your honest opinion on their services based on true experience at Telldunkin Survey.

Step 9. You should respond to every question based on your last Dunkin’ Donuts visit.

Step 10. Remember that you need to describe your opinion, wherever asked.

Step 11. Then, click on submit button. Yo, it’s completed.

Step 12. Don’t rush! Note that the Telldunkin Survey validation code you are given and note or save it accordingly at your convenience. This code is your key to Telldunkin survey rewards.

Step 13. Recall that you need to use that validation code soon at your local Dunkin store to have your discounts or coffee. As if delayed, your code might get expired.


So, this two-minute Telldunkin Survey can even get you donuts for free with your purchase in return for your valuable time of reviewing. The better thing is that either coffee or ice-cream is assured.

Then, just visit the same website of the Telldunkin survey, and then you will have to click on the “Where is my survey code” hyperlink on the official survey site.

It might help you out. If you have any issues in submitting the Telldunkin survey even then, you can contact the helpline and contact them for further assistance which is given in the upcoming topic.

Telldunkin Survey Submission Offline Method


Yes, Telldunkin Survey offline method for those among you who either don’t have any Dunkin nearby or don’t wish to purchase anything from there.

Let’s proceed and below are the steps to participate in the Telldunkin customer experience survey without any purchase from the store. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Take a piece of paper efficient enough to write all your details.

2. Write your personal details such as full name, email, contact number, and permanent address, with writing your review about Dunkin’ Donuts services with Telldunkin Survey.

3. Now, you will have to mail in this post to Dunkin donuts at the address given below-

Dunkins Group and Co, 191 Baker St, Marylebone, London. NW1-6UY, United Kingdom.

You’re done. By this method, you can enroll in the sweepstakes too but cannot go with the entrance rewards. Ensure that the details entered must be valid and correct as you will be contacted in case you won.

Tell Dunkin Survey Benefits and Rewards



Telldunkin Survey comes with lots of benefits and rewards. While right here listed will be the major ones. So, given below are the main benefits of the Telldunkin client survey 2021, to the company and the participants as well.

• Firstly talking about benefits, the major benefit to the company is that they’re getting ideas to improve, their negative points pinpointed and evaluation from the customers themselves.

From the Dunkin survey, they’ll have a clear vision of where to workwhere to improve, and where to stay consistent.

• The second benefit here is to the users. Being a Telldunkin guest experience survey its totally for the betterment of services provided to them. Customers will get heard back from the company itself and their views will be valued and worked on.

• Talking about rewards, these two minutes will get beneficial for you to an extent. So, given below are some Telldunkin survey rewards from the company to all the participants:

1. Assured Prize

The prize to be given to every participant from the company is also an admirable one. That’s basically a code from which it’s up to you to opt for free Donuts or ice-cream up to 3 ounces while to redeem these for free, you must have purchased a beverage.

This survey prize doesn’t just sound interesting but also makes one feel worth it.

2. Sweepstakes

So, when you complete your participation in the Telldunkin survey. You don’t only qualify for the assured prize but also stand a chance to win Sweepstakes.

And these sweepstakes include free dishes for up to a year… Yes, you heard it correctly! Coffee, ice-cream, donuts, or anything for the whole year from Dunkins. For free, if you are the lucky one.

How do Telldunkin Winners Get Selected?

dd survey


In the Telldunkin customer survey from Dunkins, the best thing is everyone will win something.

No one is going to regret it. Your two minutes will be worth that, some tasty ice-cream or donuts from the miraculous kitchen of Dunkins.

But talking about the sweepstakes, some of you will be rewarded grand prizes. The selection process of that grand prize, the process of picking the winner is on Lottery System.

The one among you whom luck accompanies will get dishes free for over a year. It won’t mind if you’re reviewing is a positive or negative one, if it’s offline or onlineIt just depends upon your destiny and luck.

Tell Dunkin Survey Rules and Requirements

There are a set of rules and requirements to participate in a Telldunkin Guest survey. And so for this, but here there are the simplest and easiest ones. If you’ve made your mind for participation, make sure that you’re eligible to go through the following:

Rules for Telldunkin Survey

tell dunkin donuts guest survey


The receipt from which you wish to enter the Telldunkin survey should not be older than a month. Otherwise, you must not be an eligible candidate to participate.

  1. The coupon code which is given to you whether for survey participation or for sweepstakes, cannot be anyhow transferred to anyone.
  2. These offers given to Telldunkin survey participants cannot be mixed with any other offers.
  3. One user can participate with a single receipt only.
  4. If you’re chosen as the winner, all the taxes to be paid by the Telldunkin customer only. The company is not liable to pay any tax.
  5. The participant must not be from any employee family or relatives and even the employee itself, otherwise, the participants will be discarded.
  6. They must be of a sound mind.
  7. You must be an adult or above 18 to participate in telldunkin survey.
  8. You must enter a valid and active email address as it will be used in case you won the Telldunkin survey.
  9. After the announcement of the winner, the identity verification process will take place. If not verified, the winner will be discarded from the prizes.
  10. For participating, ensure Internet access in your device to connect to the browser and participate online.
  11. You should have a working electronic gadget to enter the Telldunkin survey and active participation.
  12. Not well-versed, but just known of either English or Spanish.

Contact Details Of Dunkin’ Donuts | Telldunkin Survey Support



Some of you might face some problems submitting the Telldunkin survey or even have some questions in your mind. And having answers are always better. You can contact the company by their official website support right here.

The customer care or helpline number to the company is 800-859-5339.

If your queries aren’t urgent, just drop them on and they’ll back to you within some days.

While the working hours are Monday to Friday from morning 8 am to afternoon 5 pm.

Connect To Dunkins

  1. If you’re interested in the company’s services and products, you can easily join them on
  • Facebook at

2. You can even look at their services on

  • Pinterest at

3. If you want to just look at their posts and stories on

  • Instagram at


Q1: Is it possible to participate in Telldunkin Survey without purchasing anything from Dunkins?

Ans: Yes, you can simply follow the mail-in method above.

Q2: My Dunkin’ Donuts receipt is older than a month, can I still participate in Survey?

Ans: No, If you want to participate, you will have to make a new purchase or mail-in method.

Q3: I’d participated by the offline methodCan I win the sweepstakes for Telldunkin Survey?

Ans: Yesyou are eligible to win the sweepstakes. The method of participation doesn’t make anyone win.

Q4: Can I get free Donuts without purchasing a beverage?

Ans: No, You’ll have to buy a large or medium size drink to redeem your prize.

Conclusion within 3 days


Here’s everything you wish to know about Dunkin’ Runs On You Survey. From rewards and rules to details and benefits, here is the full stop to your questions about it.

Lucky you, if you can participate in the Telldunkin Customer survey at And lucky me that I can tell you. Just Google your nearest Dunkin now. Don’t miss the chance and test your luck today.

Thanks for reading. If you found it useful, just turn on notifications and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. See you again in the next blog, soon. Till then, stay safe and stay tuned.